Toilet paper shortage? Learn how to hygienically clean your butt without it

Why this article?

Toilet paper doesn’t clean you properly

Most humans on earth use water, not toilet paper

The Japanese method

The famous Japanese toilets. Most cost more than $500

The Italian method

Bidets that can be found in Italy or France

Japanese vs Italian toilets

More practical: The Asian method

Photo taken in an Indonesian hotel

Muslim showers are forbidden in here

The Asian, low-cost method

I took this photo in Blue Bay on Mauritius, Africa

The Squat toilet

Typical Indian toilet. A healthy squat position is enforced.

Western abominations of the Squat toilet

Squatty Potty Stool

“Invention” to get a more natural sitting angle on Western toilets.
With a lower angle in the hips, the rectum muscle is relaxed, allowing the rectum to fully empty.
Another way to turn a Western toilet into a Squat toilet

Health benefits of using water and squatting

“But if I use water, I will be wet”

“What if I am not at home?”

“This is disgusting. I neither want to touch my butt nor feces”

“But I can just use wet wipes”

“Ok, ok I will try this. Tell me the right technique”

Use water and your hand, not toiletpaper like in the video.
Bidirectional is the proper way to clean. There is a layer of water between your hand and your butt. (Pic taken from the video.)


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